Geothermal Photo Competition (Terakhir 8 Mei 2014)

Recognizing the talents and high interest in photography within industry players and the community, the Indonesian Geothermal Association (INAGA) invites you to photograph geothermal related activities in ways that have never been seen before.

“Geothermal – Nature & Wild Life”

Categories as follow:

  • Landscape
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Human and natural resources

Category as participant:

  • Students
  • Journalist
  • Public

The competition is open for Journalists (please attach media ID card), Public and Students Submission of photographs will open on March 3, 2014 and close on May 8, 2014 Each participant may submit up to three photographs for each category and each image must have a caption.
Entries may be submitted by email to, and shall include:

  • Category of the photograph
  • Title and location of the photograph
  • Name of entrant
  • Copy of valid ID card (Media ID Card for Journalists) 
  • Affiliation and address
  • Phone/HP number
  • Email address


  • The competition is open for three categories: Journalist (please attach media ID card), public (please attach ID card (KTP) and student (please attach student card). 
  • Each participant may submit up to three photographs. 
  • Submitted photographs must include a title, name of photographer and the location of which it was taken. 
  • Photographs must be in digital format. No print or film submissions will be accepted for entry into this Competition. 
  • All digital files must be 1 MB or more, must be in JPEG or JPG format, and must be at least 300dpi. 
  • Photographs should be a minimum of 2,500 pixels wide (horizontally) or a minimum of 2,500 (vertical), by a pixel/ inches ratio of 300. 
  • Photographs must have been taken within one (1) year before the date of entry and may not have previously won any award in any other competition. 
  • Only minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable, as is cropping. High dynamic range images (HDR) and stitched panoramas are NOT acceptable. Please do not include a border. 
  • Images may be digitally enhanced to remove spots or scratches, but not manipulated. Participants can enhance the picture to make it brighter, clearer, etc, but not manipulate the content. The judges reserve the right to exclude any image they believe may have been excessively treated to alter its authenticity. 
  • The photograph, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the competition participant. By entering the Competition, each participant represents, acknowledges, and warrants
  • That the submitted photograph is an original work created solely by the participant, that the photograph does not infringe on any copyright, trademark, moral right, right of privacy/publicity or
  • Intellectual property right of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest in the photograph. 


  • Arbain Rambey
  • Yulnofrins Napilus


  • Submitted photographs must include a title, name of photographer and the location of which it taken. 
  • Photographs that have been published and images that have won awards will not be accepted. 
  • The committee reserves the right to disqualify entries that violate the law or show any Indonesian people, places or subjects in an uncomplimentary way. 
  • Questions regarding the “Photograph Competition” entry please contact us 

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